Monday, 1 October 2012

Press statement

Press statement 

Another chapter of the Nightwish story has ended today. Nightwish and Anette Olzon have decided to part company, in mutual understanding, for the good of all parties involved. 

In recent times it has become increasingly obvious that the direction and the needs of the band were in conflict, and this has led to a division from which we cannot recover. 

Nightwish has no intention of cancelling any upcoming shows, and as a result we have decided to bring in a substitute vocalist starting in Seattle 1.10.2012. Her name is Floor Jansen from The Netherlands (ex-After Forever, ReVamp), and she has graciously stepped in to help us complete the Imaginaerum world tour. 

We are all strongly committed to this journey, this vehicle of spirit, and we are sure that this will lead to a brighter future for everyone. 

We forever remain excited about the adventures to come, and we are extremely proud of the two beautiful albums and the wonderful shows we shared together. 

- Nightwish and Anette Olzon 

Dear blog readers:
With this I say farewell to you and this blog. This blog was a way for me, as the singer in NW, to keep more in touch with you NW fans. Now when this chapter has ended, there is no more need for me to do this blog and from today I close it. 
I want to thank you all for being my readers for so many years, for your loving support and I wish you all a happy and healthy life! Stay kind to others and live life easy!
Lots of love,
Anette Olzon (from now on just Anette Olsson;=)


  1. Anette we love you x We can all understand why you have decided to leave. Good luck for the future my lovely. I hope all your dreams come true. Give the boys a big kiss and hug from me. x

  2. Anette .. :(
    God, i'm so sad right now, I'm about to cry. You are an amazing singer and I surely hope we will hear from you again, I loved you so much as the Nightwish singer ... :(
    Farewell sweet angel and take care of yourself

  3. OH NO ANETTE!!!

    I'm going to miss you SO much! I'm SO sad it ended this way! :(

    The fans will miss you with all our hearts. I wish you the best on your future endeavors and will always treasure that I got to see you 3 times in concert with Nightwish.

    <3 Lauren

  4. Can't believe it. but i will respect yours decision. Farewell, i will miss you Anette Olsson. Take care of yourself and your family. :(

  5. I just saw this on the Facebook page of Nighwish...I am really sorry to hear this, i really liked you as the lead singer and i hoped you would conntinue this blog anyway.
    I wish you all the best and i really hope i will hear about you again:D

  6. So sad that this happened, Anette. Good luck in all of your future endeavors and take care of yourself and your children. I'm glad that I was able to see you and the rest of the band three years ago in my home of Corpus Christi, Texas. It's a memory I will not forget. Anyway, God bless, and take good care of yourself!



    P.S. You are a Siren, Anette!

  7. I can't believe it!! :(
    Wish you and your beautiful family all the best Anette!
    Hope you'll keep in touch with us, your fans..
    Lots of love xx

  8. Gosh, Anetee! I don´t understand this. I loved this "new" Nightwish since you started the journey with the boys and now... We all have to say bye bye beautiful again. I am absolutelly sad. I wish you all the best, good luck in everything, health for you and your family. We will miss you as a NW singer even as a beautiful woman and a person who stood in touch with us, fans, on this blog.

    Love you and sending lots of kisses. Stay strong.

  9. You are the reason I started listening to Nightwish.. :'( That came so unexpected and I don't see my self listening to their music again without your passion, your stunning voicem your personality.. Please don't leave.. Please.. And I always thought this blog wasn't about nightwish either it was more about you.. Don't tell me you ll stop keeping in touch with us just because of this heartbreaking news..
    We LOVE you..

  10. I just the news and I am sorry to hear of this happening. Although it took a while for you to grow on me stylistically, I had always admired your bright, bubbly personality and your courage for accepting the responsibility for the role of NW vox and persevering through all the crap that came with it. With this occuring, I hope you are able to recover quickly from your illness and are able to spend some quality time with your family. I wish you nothing but the best.

    The transition from September to October seems to be a hard one for all; good luck, everyone. ~Kalanfein

  11. it´s... very strange.. i dont know how to say it.
    Just wanted to meet you in december, feel bad about it.. but if you made this decision is for something, so we can accept it. We wish you good luck and best wishes for the future!!

  12. How worse! I hope I can buy your cd's in holland. I can't stop crying... It feels like I'm dying.... Oh god... I am going to miss you so badly... Love you.....


  13. Vi älskar dig :) Lycka till, from a British guy living in Sweden :)

    I am really sad to see that!
    You are a great singer, I have worshiped with Nightwish!
    I am very sad about this decision !
    Good Luck

  15. OMG!!!I can't believe! This is for me is a really bad news:( I really liked you as a singer and I feel blessed to "know" you. I hope thet one day I'll can read about you again. I hope I'll can hear your album, because you're talented and I love your voice!
    I will really miss you and of course your blog.
    Anyway may God bless you and all your loved ones.
    Take care of yourself and your family.
    GOODBYE Anette Ollson
    I love you and I respect your decisions ♥

  16. I can't believe it either!! :( Take care of yourself and your family. I know more opportunities will open for you!

  17. I have no word and i'm sorry so much.

    I will miss this blog!

    All the best to you and take care!

  18. I'm very sad, I hope best wishes for you in the future, we love your voice, thanks for these years in our lives and share your voice with us.
    Thanks so much dear Anette, we'll miss you.

  19. Anette - thank you so much for everything you have given us. I realize now how lucky I have been to see and hear you live several times during the last years. Your work, your voice and your dedication have been an inspiration and you will be missed - as a singer and as a person. I wish you all the best on your journey, wherever life may take you now, and health and love for you and your loved ones. Take good care <3

    Kato from Germany

  20. Så oerhört tråkigt att läsa =( Jag vill att du ska veta att det var tack vare dig som jag blev ett NW fan, jag tyckte inte alls om gruppen när Tarja var sångerska, allt för mycket opera =).Vill tacka dig för 2 super bra konserter en i Göteborg och i Trondheim. TACK !! Se nu till att bli helt återställd i din influensa och även din lever. Lev nu ditt liv tillsammans med dina nära & kära och var rädd om dig. Ha det så jätte bra / A

  21. Very sorry to hear of this development and that I wont get to hear you sing at the show we are coming to. Am so very happy we were able to see you perform in Amsterdam earlier this year.

    Much luck in your future direction and thank you for the music

  22. Anette - thank you so much for everything you have given us. I realize now how lucky I have been to see and hear you live several times during the last years. Your work, your voice and your dedication have been an inspiration and you will be missed - as a singer and as a person. I wish you all the best on your journey, wherever life may take you now, and health and love for you and your loved ones. Take good care <3

    Kato from Germany

  23. Hi Anette

    I'm really sorry to read that, can hardly believe :(
    I saw the message on Facebook and thought it was a joke, but came here and that's true...
    I was looking forward to see you again in Brazil in December.

    Anyway, thanks for sharing your time, voice and emotions with us, fans. I wish you and your family all the best, and hope to hear you singing someday soon!

    God bless!
    Lots of love and respect from Brazil


  24. I will miss hearing your voice in Nightwish music. I hope that you continue on somehow in your musical journey and those of us who are fans of your music can follow!

    I hope that you get feeling better soon!

  25. Anette - thank you so much for everything you have given us. I realize now how lucky I have been to see and hear you live several times during the last years. Your work, your voice and your dedication have been an inspiration and you will be missed - as a singer and as a person. I wish you all the best on your journey, wherever life may take you now, and health and love for you and your loved ones. Take good care <3

  26. Hello Anette,

    It makes me sad to hear this now. All what you have experienced with Nightwish, and reached endured. Was not always easy, but you've shown that you can do more than most other women who would have been in your place. :)

    The three wonderful concerts the NW-I with you from maintaining experiencing were unique and are the only one like NW concert with Tarja remembered forever.
    Unfortunately, I will never see a live DVD with you.

    Now, you walk a New Way. On this new path, I wish you all the best thing you can give to such a loved one like you.

    Until next time. Nalon

  27. Please, Nettan, tell us it's just some practical joke you all are pulling on us :(

  28. OH MY GOD! i cant believe this :(

  29. Oh Netty :'( <3 i am so sorry and my heart broke. cant believe that :'/
    I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH AND WE, YOUR FANS , WE WILL ALWAYS BE BY YOUR SIDE. Bye my beautiful Netty :/ hope you will make an other blog so we can follow you and learn about your news<3

  30. I will miss you! I'll never forget your show in Prague this year, you were amazing! It pains me so much :-(
    Take care, we love you.

  31. No Anette why ???

    I love you Anette so much with NW or No
    I'm so sad with this new

    Isabelle From Anette Olzon France

  32. Oh, and something else - you will never be 'just' Anette Olsson to us <3

  33. This is so sad to me as a fan of nightwish. However, also as a fan of YOU, I'm happy and hope that you get to do your own thing. Good luck, Anette. And I do wish you wouldn't close your blog :( Your fans still love you and want to know how you are!

  34. Ohh wow, what a sad new this morning! You will be missed Anette and i trully thought you have bring something really special to Nightwish. I'm glad i could see you in Montréal on september 19th. I wish you the best in your future to you and your lovely family.
    Lots of love and respect! :)

  35. Anette, please, make another blog! You're amazing.... Make another blog just for you...We love you, and this blog was for me, very very important...Please Nettie... :(

  36. I don't know what to say... I'm crying.
    Well, good luck to you, my dearest one! Take care of yourself and your family! You always remain for me as a sunshine, inspiration and vehicle of spirit!
    I will always love you, dear, and thank you for all you've done! Remember this!
    May God bless you and save you!

  37. I am very sad to hear this, I think if it weren't for you joining the band then I would not have become a fan. I was very much looking forward to seeing you all in the UK and to meet you. I wish that you would keep this blog open or start a new one so that all of your fans can keep in touch with you and any new endeavors that you choose to do. I wish you all the best with your health and all the best for you and your family in the future.

  38. Dear Anette, I'm really sorry that my favorite singer is going to leave my favorite band =/
    Anyway, I hope you keep singing.

    I love you.

  39. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo :,(

    Please give Yourself some time and pls don't end this blog, You've a lot followers and I'm sure many of us want to follow Your career/life after Nightwish as well.

    I know it's too soon to wish any soloprojects etc. But world is open for You. Thank You for great memories. I hope we will meet in future and really hoping that it will happen when You're doing Your own music.

    All the best to You (and pls don't delete this blog, give some time). Really sad news..

    Helsinki - Finland

  40. This is really really sad. I hope you are happier for your/the band's decision, but please know that you will really be missed. Thanks for everything and giving us all you could. It was nice meeting you in Philadelphia.

    Love and take care,

  41. Well, as many tears as this news has brought to my eyes, if this was a friendly decision then I have no better option than to support you. I always really admired you as the lead singer, and from the bottom of my heart, I wish you all the best in your future, and if the public will hear from you from now on, I'll make sure to keep myself updated too. Thank you so much for the two amazing albums and the best two hours in my life in Helsinki, and farewell. (for now ;) )

    Simona Mitmann from Tallinn, Estonia.

  42. Oh dear, I'm sad to see you part ways but I hope everyone comes out healthier and happier then. <3 Lycka till, from a British girl also living in Skåne.

  43. im devastated. cant even find words to describe how sad this makes me, im glad i had the joy of seeing you live twice and meeting you after the Dublin show!
    i understand this must have been a very tough decision for you but im sure it was the best thing for you.
    please start a new Anette Olssen blog so we can all keep in touch with you. i know many of the fans loved your blog.
    and thank you for some incredible years of music and fun.

  44. Dear Anette,

    it is sad that you and the band go other ways but if you both think it is the best for you, we have to accept it.

    I am laying in my bed (have the flu too) and try to realize what I read some minutes ago...I can't decide which is worse...

    I'm a kind of person who divide work from private life. For me it is Anette, the professional singer, who sings on the stage and Anette, the nice girl whos blog I read daily... and it makes me sad that you close the blog.
    I think not only for me was the blog from the singer of Nightwish but from Anette Olsson, the person. I really liked to read about you, how you spend your days, you always wrote nice and about interesting things.

    I think who read the blog was more a fan from you but I understand that there were many hints for the band.

    It would be really nice if you would start a
    new blog...pleaseee...I am sure that you would have that much readers as you had in the past. You were and ARE a big inpiration of many!

    Sorry if I wrote many silly things, but I have fever :S

    I wish you all the best for the future and hope hearing from you soon (also in a form of blog)!

    Take care, Andi

  45. Anette, I'm shocked like everyone NW fan, I think!!!
    This is a bad new more than Tarja out of NW! Believe me!!!
    My mother said to me once "I prefer Anette, she is pure", and she doesn't listen to NW so much.
    I hope that it's a joke because some days ago I bought my tickets for the London gig saying "I will see NW, I will see Anette, I will see Tuomas, ect..." and I'll go to London from Italy just to see you and the guys.
    It's really hard realize that...

    S. that loves Anette in NW.

  46. I'm begging you, Anette. Please don't close your blog. Please! I'm crying... oh my god. It's sad enough you're leaving Nw but... for Christ's sake, please keep your blog.
    I'm begging you.
    Tears are running down my cheek.
    We love you. I love you.
    Thank you for everything. Thank you.

    ...I'm still crying.

    1. Victoria, dear... I'm so sorry. I'm here for you, sweetheart. You can dm me anytime <3 #twitter

  47. We support you here in Finland!!! Respect!! You just showed that people are more important than money and shows.. Respect and we will be in every consert that you might ever have in future. No matter if you'd make rapmusic... just out of respect! Get well and be back as yourself and do your own music! :) <3

  48. That's unexpected and so so sad.. :( I was even planning to go to another country to your concert since you cancelled your show in mine. I wish you all the best, you're an amazing singer and you seem like a very nice person :) I wish you wouldn't close your blog, because it was a very beautiful gesture to be in touch with your fans like that, it meant a lot.
    Lots of love! xx

  49. It's so sad to see you leave Anette! I will miss you! I wish you all the best. We love you. xxx

  50. I'm shocked. Really shoked. I'm so sorry about it! I forgot English because of shock)
    But, anyway, a huge, huge thanks to you for everything: for Dark Passion Play, for Imaginaerum, for your resilience and courage, for your beatiful voice, for this passion and energy you gave to the songs, and during the gigs. Individually big thanks for visiting Moscow, Russia =) It was unforgettable!
    Huge thanks! Take care and wish you good luck!


  51. Oh, sorry you do not continue with Nighwish

    I do not know what will have happened, only wish you well, whatever you do, please do not close this blog ...

    I can understand that you need some time off, do not know what happened, we expect some kind of response or Nightwish yours ...
    I just hope that when you consider it, back to to hear from you, but please do not close this blog

    Many of us have defended and followed you when you started with Nightwish, comparisons with Tarja, and many other things

    Take care
    I wish you all the best


  52. Hello Anette!
    I just saw it on Facebook, and I can't stop crying...It was my worst nightmare, and now it happened. But I'm happy, because Isaw you (for the last time) in April in Budapest.

    Good luck and best wishes!

    Love, Dorka from Hungary :) (and sorry for my bad english...:) )

  53. Dear Nettie, I am really sorry to hear that :(
    For me, you brought happines to Nightwish, your smile, happiness, every song was filled with emotions. I was listening to Nightwish when Tarja was there but when you came...NW became something more. You sing the songs not with the voice only...but with the emotions too, even if someone does not know the lyrics..from your face expressions can see what is it about. I would lke to you to write this blog even if you are not in NW anymore...
    I will keep my Anette Olzon Croatia page open as long as I live. I was happy to have a chance when I met you in Croatia. I will never forget that day, also I came all the way from Croatia to see you in Germany, to hear Imaginaerum. I really hoped to see you again but it won't happen...Oh well...what can I do.
    The most imortant thing for you is to get well from illnes and I wish you a lot of happines with Johan and the kids.
    Big hugs to you!

    Lots of love

    Ena :*

  54. I am very surprised by this. You seemed to be a very nice person, back at the Hollywood Hilton this January. I wish you and your family all the best - get well soon and thanks for singing with Nightwish and for us.

  55. Mother of God. No.
    Well... there's nothing to regret about if it brings you and the NW guys necessary relief. Personally I am endlessly grateful to you for all the time you were the part of such a wonderful band... and simply a marvellous lady =) Good luck then, and be happy! =)

  56. This decision made me truly cry...but I think we should accept your decision. I'm sooo sad right now since you have a place in my heart, and this will never ever change:)

    I'm really looking forward to hear about you and your projects in the future.

    Love you,


  57. Oh my god, I cried a bit when I heard this. But it is all your choice and I support you. You seem to have a lot of things right now going on in life and this decision may be what is best.

    But the band isn't the only reason why we love you. It's not just about your voice. You're a good and kind person and I really wish that you could find a balance and still keep the blog. We all found you because of the band, but that doesn't mean that we want to lose our connection with you because you are no longer in Nightwish. Those summer and winter months when Nightwish wasn't doing an album or touring, we were all still here everyday hoping to see how you were. You're still someone we want to know, even without Nightwish. Maybe cut down on the blog that way you have time to live your life. But I hope you change your choice and don't leave the blog forever... We all still care about what happens to you, Anette Olsson. Because you cared about us enough to let us in.

    I just met you two weeks ago in Columbus and it was the happiest day of my life. All my love and support. Katie T.

  58. Your fans will support you in this new journey, but do not leave us. I think the blog is a new way to promote your new work and life to come.
    Nightwish is a too complicated band. I hope you stay fine and get better. Greetings from Brazil.

  59. Sorry to hear that you have left Nightwish, we will miss you here in Finland.

    Thank you for everything.


  60. Will miss you a lot! Hope to hear your own music some day. You Rock!!!!

  61. So sad to see this, and it seems very sudden!
    I met you in Copenhagen airport in June a little over 4 years ago, and was amazed with how good a person you seemed to be.
    You have such a beautiful voice, and I'm sad to see you're parting ways with NW.

    I hope in time we'll hear the reason why you've parted ways, but whatever happens I wish you the best of luck forwards.


  62. Well damn I'm still shell-shocked by this announcement. I certainly did not see it coming *sigh* I understand why you quit, what the guys did was really.. I don't know, disrespectful? Now I'm really glad that I went to your show in Hungary this year (not that I wasn't before). I'm deeply disappointed in the guys and I don't even know if I still want to listen to their music in the future..
    But please don't delete the blog or make another one, your fans still love you, it has become a routine for me to read your posts basically every day and it was so nice to hear from you. Pwetty pweaze? :(

  63. I cant' believe it. But we wish you wouldn't stop keeping in touch with us. We don't love you only because of the band but because of you.

  64. This is a NIGHTMARE!!!! Noooooooooo fuck no !!!!
    Im just so shocked!
    Will you anyway do your solo ?

    Nightwish is my life :'( nightwish with YOU I mean.

    I feel grateful I met you in lyon anyway...

    Lots of LOVE!
    I Miss you :'(

  65. I crying....I very very sad....Why? Why? Why?

  66. I can't... I can't fucking take this...
    I'm crying now... Never thought this would happen...

  67. Good luck to you in life dear Anette, I will forever treasure the wonder that is Dark passion play and also the few live shows I have seen and the Wacken live show on dvd.
    I hope you will find another great band that maybe suits you more.
    I hope everything indeed went in mutual understanding, I believe the NW guys can be pretty crappy and money-orientated to be honest.

  68. Don't do this! Please!! Don't... :C My heart is aching right now. We love you! Please stay in Nightwish!

  69. Why do you close your blog ?
    I think you have your own fans right now, and that we'll miss you...
    You were an excellent singer for Nightwish, and I'm so sad for the band... I hope that now both of you'll be better !
    As a Nightwish fan, I'll miss you so I would like to read your blog again and again please... Hope to see you as a solo vocalist my dear Anette.
    You were a good inspiration for me (about fashion, music, food...) so follow thios blog... PLEASE !
    Love, love, love

  70. Oh no! Please don't close your blog! How can we follow your career?

  71. OMG Anette!
    I'm completely shocked right now! I can't believe this!

    I just aks you please, please do not leave your fans! Please stay in touch with us!
    We love you so much, you can't even imagine!
    I just wish you all the best in the world, but please do not forget us!
    Love from a Brazilian fan!

  72. You will be deeply missed! It is too bad we didn't get to see you in person at Denver before all this took place.

  73. I hope you are at least continuing to read comments for a while...

    I burst into tears the moment I heard (and I'm a man!), but I was able to brighten back up when I realized you both had future plans and maybe it is for the better at this time. But now I am back down because I will never see your bright face on this blog again...
    How will we know about your solo project? I will keep checking your website, and maybe search Anette Olsson occasionally for any amount of news. I was a fan of Nightwish before you came, but now I am a fan of Anette. You still have my support and many others' support as well. Please please let us know if there will be any way to hear from you again.

    Forever grateful for everything you've done in my life, whether you knew it or not,


    PS Now I won't get to change my profile picture to one of you and me... ;)

  74. Thank you for these years <3 I'm sad, but dont leave your fans :(

  75. Dearest Anette,
    OMG!!!! I can't believe this!!!! why is this happening???
    I am so so sad and shocked about these news!
    You know, I first "met" Nightwish on a festival in 2009 and started loving it so much ever since, because of you and the guys making such a wonderful team!!! You are my favourite band and this will stay like this forever!
    I have no words to express my sadness and say how sorry I am, that you are not going to be together anymore.....
    Anette, I want you to know, that I admire you, love you and support you with all my heart!
    You are always going to be a role model and a great inspiration to me!!!!
    WIsh you all the best, for you and your lovely family and the best of luck wherever you are and whatever you do!!!
    Anette, you are forever and always in my heart!
    With all my love,

  76. Anette, I'm so sad to hear this. Good luck in whatever you do next!

  77. Dear Anette,

    It hurts when I read this.. Since the first second I´m a huge fan of yours..

    I hope I will hear something from you in the future

    your dear loving fan,


  78. Déjà vu. Why are money and others interests more important than health this days. Master passion greed

    Good luck, Anette.

  79. Thank you for all the good times

  80. Incredibly sad to see you leave you are an amazing singer and helped take Nightwish to an amazing new Era. I saw you In london when you first performed ghost love score, best moment of my life.

    I wish you wouldnt close the blog so we can all still see what you are up too. Or at least open a new blog but whatever makes you happy iss fine by me.

    Best wishes in the future.

    Aj x

  81. I'll always love you, no matter where you go.

  82. Nightwish will not be the same without you. The music that you sung with them is so special in its unique way, just like with Tarja. I will miss your angel voice and lovely self.
    Sweetest of wishes for the future xo

  83. I don't know what to say.
    I'm in shock.
    I wish you all the best, you were truly amazing singer in Nightwish <3

  84. Anette!

    Take good care of you and your family!
    Thank you so much for this wonderful journey!
    Your voice and your presence was and is overwehlming!
    I will always be thankful for the beautiful world of emotions that you´ve opened for me with your voice.
    Its clearly not i lie when i say: You touched me like noone else before and after!
    You are gifted with a great golden heart,
    a wonderful personality, a totally charming aura that surrounds you!

    Im happy that you crossed my path.
    cause your warming voice always made my day!

    Thank you so so much, for all that you´ve done!
    You´re a true wonder.
    Stay as you are, cause thats why you´re wonderful!

    All the best in your future life!
    Lots of love, Respect and hugs!
    Chris :)

  85. As has been said, this is so sad. Dark Passion Play was my gateway to Nightwish, to metal, and to many other things. That album, and Imaginaerum, changed my life in a way I can't believe. As I write this, I'm shaking and crying.

    Please, please, don't end this blog. It's never just been about Nightwish; it's been about you. We didn't follow it just to keep up with the band, but with what you were doing. You have so many fans who are heartbroken to see you go, and so many lives you have touched. Please don't end that now. The beauty of a chapter ending is that there's another one to follow. Please don't let this be the epilogue.

  86. Anette, I'm so sad. You one of my favorites singers. I hope you keep talking with your fans, make another blog please.
    With a lot of love, hope you fine, from Brasil.

  87. OMG I'm so sad to never see you a live on show :), and this wos WOW I tought the day will never come. I hope that this doesn't mean you'r bye bye to music Anette. Always supporting you ;)

  88. Så tråkigt... Vad har hänt som gör att ni går åt olika håll mitt under en turné? Jag tackar för DPP och för Imaginaerum och för den underbara kvällen i gbg 10/4-12. Ta hand om dig, och så hörs vi förhoppningsvis på något annat sätt.

  89. My first post here. "reader since day one"
    I'm really sad to hear this but if it's
    what it is then I can only hope you
    the best for the future and thank you
    for everything you have done. Tack..

    ps. You are my favorite NW singer ! :)

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  91. This is so sad...

    I wish all the best for you and your family. You are the reason I found this beautiful music. Thank you!

    With love, Mari

  92. I was really looking forward to seeing you with the band again, but your health and happiness are the most important. It was an honor to have met you in the DPP tour, and you have been an amazing part of the band.

  93. Hi Anette!

    This is really, really... I can´t describe it... saying that it´s sad is not the word that fits best, but I don´t know what to say else at the moment. I don´t like the idea that you close your blog, but I respect it. I became a fan of Nightwish because of you and I still can´t believe that this time is over now. A friend of mine wrote me a sms with the news, but I didn´t believe it at all, so I just looked it up at the Internet and I saw that it´s the truth... which is very hard to accept :(. But I wish you and your Family the best for the future and I hope that we, your fans who will stay your fans, will hear from you in a way. I surely will follow the career of Nightwish with the new singer and give her a chance of course, but if there´s one thing I know... it will never be the same again as it was with you. I saw you live on stage and I knew that I will see you again... well, maybe I will in some way, I hope so. Let´s see what future brings. As I already said, the best wishes to you and please always stay like you are. Take good care of yourself and never forget us. Please send us a positive sign of you some day!

    Until then, for the last time in this blog...
    Thank you for everything ans see you hopefully!

    Pascal :).

  94. why all good things must come into an end? my bf doesn't wanna know nothing about me, and now you leave the band :( but wish you a great success on everything you do. love and hugs from mexico city :D

  95. Oh dear! So sad to hear the news! You will be badly missed, our beloved Anette. We will never forget your amazing personality on concerts and great times you have brought to all of us. Love you so much!
    Hope you succeed with your solo album and looking forward to hear from you very soon!
    Sending lots of love, hugs and kisses your way. You are always in my heart and thoughts.
    The world would never be the same for me from now on.
    P.S. Keep the blog open, please my dear.

  96. You won't explain anything about this? I don't believe your departure was in mutual understanding!

  97. Words could not tell what I feel righ now...I just can't believe it, I first thought of a silly joke...but no. I am...WE are all so sad, I didn't expect things to end up that way, oh God no, I'm so shocked...All things must end, I already know that, but so hard to realize...

    Nevertheless, I want to thank you with all my heart for what you brought to NW, be sure that my support and affection was real, thank you for all those wonderful moments when I let myself daydream while listening to Imaninaerum, for the thrill and excitation in Paris, while you played live back in April 2012. I'll miss you truly, Anette, I wish you all the best from now on!

    And people here are right, you shouldn't close your blog, we all would be delighted to still keep in touch with you!

    Once again, thank you, Anette.


  98. dont shut down your blog anette!!!!!!!!!!!!

  99. I can say I prefer you as vocalist of NW, because i meet them with tarja and that is the way i see NW, but in the albums you made with them you fit very well and you gave all of you to make NW stay on top before the lost of tarja.
    Keep the blog please and continue your carrer, because you're a great singer and deserve to be with people who respect you and your work. **

  100. Don't leave us!!! We are here as YOUR fans!! Please, be in touch with us! Someway, somehow! :))

    Wish you ALL THE BEST!

  101. I'm so sorry. I simply loved you with nightwish.
    you are a wonderful person and a great singer. I don't want to...but I feel really bad now.

    I'll support you if you decide for solo with all the way I can...and for solo you don't need to close the blog. you are an inspiring, great person...people will still want to follow you.

    you deserve to be happy, you're one of the greatest people on earth :)

  102. I am not even going to comment about this.I just want to know,where will we hear from you from now on?And,more importantly,do you plan on having a solo career or something?
    I am here to support you.In the band or not.

  103. Nettie from Costa Rica I wish you all the positive vibes, I love you and we will support many you forever! I keep waiting in Costa Rica! Success in your life, God bless you my angel!

    A big hug *o*

  104. I'm in shock!
    Anette, we love you! ó_ò

  105. Hi Anette,

    Sad to hear that you're leaving but thank you for the memories. We all admire you as a person and not just the vocalist of Nightwish so we would all appreciate it if you continued using this blog to let us know how things are going

  106. Dear Anette,
    This such sad news...I'm so Thankful that I was able to see you sing live....Please take care yourself - your family and all the best to you.
    I hope you will still do your solo career....
    Life is full of chapters...we will miss your blog and you...

    Big Hugs!!!

  107. Oh! I´m really shocked. NW with you looked perfect. I don´t know and I will never know what is all behind it, but I hope it was calm departure. I saw you in Prague in April and you was amazing. So now I am even more glad that I was there. I wish you the best for your future life, in work and in personal life.
    Love, kisses and hugs from Matotu.

  108. I'm so lost for words right now, I guess all there is to say is Good Bye, though it is difficult to say...

    We supported you while you were in Nightwish and we will continue to support you in the future.

    Love you so much Anette!


  109. I respect your choice ... but I'm so sad! Nettie, good luck for the future, you will remain in my heart! : (Take care and enjoy your family! Kisses my lovely <3 Linda

  110. PLEASE, NO :'(!
    Only for that? For a show?
    Please, think again, please... this band was just perfect with you, Nightwish become my favourite band ever, with your voice. And i'm not the only one.
    Please... think again :(
    We want to hep hep forever!
    Please ú___________________u

    We want Anette!
    A big big hug for you.


  111. This really hurt me. I love you and the guys very much and I'm very sorry it has come to this.
    I just want to thank you for all those amazing years you spent in Nightwish as a singer and for all those amazing songs you gave life to. THANK YOU!
    I hope you have an amazing life, in whatever direction you decide to go.
    Personally, I hope you will continue your career as a singer and I look forward to your future work.
    Get well soon. With love,


  112. I hope you read this comments. You will be missed! You have been a great part of the story of Nightwish and I hope you continue to sing and to share with your fans your beautiful voice.

  113. Please don't close your blog, we all love you as person, not just as a singer!
    Infinite love,

  114. Thank you Anette and all the best!

  115. Anette,

    I am very sad to hear you are leaving Nightwish! I loved your performance in Dark Passion Play and your vocals really made Imaginaerum shine!

    Your singing has been a comfort and inspiration to me on many occasions. Thank you! I am so glad I was lucky enough to see you perform live with Nightwish on two occasions this year and although it makes me rather sad, I feel privileged that I was able to be there for your last performance together in Salt Lake City!

    I hope you have a fast recovery and find new and exciting things to do both in music and in life!


    P.S. Thanks for running this blog. It was really wonderful to hear from you along the way. I also enjoyed your blueberry pie with nut crust recipe that you posted!

  116. I LOVE HER

    [9/30/2012 5:18:56 PM] stevethevirgin: Steventhevirgin Man I HAVE BEEN A FAN

  117. Dear Anette,

    please know that to your fans, you have never been just "the singer" of Nightwish, but the singer and - most important - the person Anette Olsson, whom we love and respect for the person she is! You gave your voice to Nightwish, but it is you we care about and this will not change just because you and the NW-guys are going separate ways now.
    We all would be very happy and grateful if you would continue your blog or start a new blog of your own, since just because you broke with Nightwish, we didn't break with you!! You are still important to us and we will support you no matter what!

    Take care and please never forget that for your fans, it has always been about YOU, not Nightwish!!

  118. Anette,

    Sad to hear of this departure from Nightwish, but I will always love and support you in everything you do. So glad I was able to see you sing at least one time. Whatever happens for you in the future I wish you happiness. Peace from the USA.


  119. Oh God, I'm pretty upset at the moment and I actually don't really know what to say, but since I'm never going to be able to write someting on your blog, I'm going to say the next thing: I always thought your voice and personality where perfect for Nightwish and I'm so glad I got to see you in the Netherlands in April. I wish you all of the best luck in your life and (hopefully) your further singing career!

    Love and kisses
    Nele Xxx

  120. So So sorry to hear this awful news. Glad I was able to finally see you perform live in New York last month. I agree that people are more important but unfortunately not everyone feels this way. I would feel the same as you and fully support your feelings. Oh, and PLEASE create a new blog as others here have emplored you to do. You are Anette and we all love you and still want to be a part of your world. Please get well soon. Jeff from Stamford, Connecticut.

  121. Hey, Anette =) I never really posted here and didn't always have time to follow you're blog, but I just wanted you to know that I (and so many others) truly appreciate what you did with Nightwish. I don't know what happened between you and the guys, but I'll always think of you as such a nice, caring, positive person. Take care of yourself; a big hug!

  122. Seeing as I'll never be able to meet you, I'll say it here:

    In march I was severely ill with my Bipolar ( a type of Manic Depression) and my Anxiety. And one night I was manic and went to London to a party. I ended up freaking out and locking myself in a room on the top floor, what was about 30 feet high.

    My mind was racing, and I was hearing voices everywhere, I felt bugs crawling all over my body. The window was wide open, and I went over to it and stood on the ledge of it, ready to jump and kill myself.

    But then- this is where you come in :)- My phone started to play Turn Loose The Mermaids, and I don't know what, but your voice sort of...calmed me down. I got off from the ledge of the window and sat down and listened to that song over and over and over again. It washed away my anxiety, it fought off the voices and I eventually calmed down and called the hospital.

    You don't know me, but you've influenced me in such a positive way. You literally saved my life. And I'm going to miss you so, so, so much.

    I hope one day we'll hear your incredible voice once more, all of us Nightwish fans are going to miss you so much. Especially me.

    We love you, Anette!

  123. Oh Anette...We'll miss you! Thank you very much for your input for the band. Good luck with everything you're about to do from now on. Take care!

  124. Dear sweet Anette,

    I am so, so sorry about this decision and I just don't understand it.

    I will keep the best "souvenirs" from you my dearest Anette because it's only because of YOU that I started to listen to NW.

    You are such a great woman, a great singer, a great mom and I was blessed to be able to follow you on this blog and more blessed to see you in front on me in Montreal lately. You will be so much missed!

    Now, take care of yourself, forget this, and let the dust comes down for a while. I am sure something else much better is waiting for you. Keep respecting yourself and your personal power, never loose it!

    Big friendly hugs from Sophie. Luv ya Anette! ♥

  125. I'm so sorry to hear that. You were a special part of the band, and you will be missed by your fans. I hope we see more of you in the future. Your fans will still be here when you find a new musical path. Good luck with everything. I believe that everything happens for a reason, even if we can't see the reason now. Thank you for your beautiful voice. Thank you Anette. We love you!
    Love, Stefanie from San Francisco

  126. I had the opportunity to hear your beautiful voice and meet you at the beginning of this year. I just want to thank you for that and wish you all the best with your life from here on. Big hugs and thank you again for everything!

  127. Anette,
    I was really looking forward to the Rio de Janeiro Show, Guess now i saved some money now, i'm not going there to see half band with some pay-for-play singer, doesn't matter how good she is. You're the one who got me to listen to Nightwish and this is the line-up that made me travel all the way to Fortaleza in 2008 to see the band, only Iron Maiden can make me trave to a show, but you did it.

    Awaiting your new band and a new tour in Brazil really, really soon!!

  128. Anette, no matter where you are, we will always love you.
    With or without Nightwish, you have the greatest voice I've ever listen to.

  129. Anette, you'll always be loved and dearly missed. Few things made me happier than listening to you sing and seeing your pictures of the beautiful world around you. I wish you luck in all of your future plans and Nightwish will never be the same without you! I'm sad that I won't get to see you play in Austin (It's always been a dream to see you live ever since I missed the 2007 tour), but that's how life goes. Stay amazing :)

    xx Marz

  130. Anette,

    This really saddens me/all of us but if it's for the best, then I understand. I wish you the absolute best from here on out. You are one of my idols and I still have so much respect for you.

    Best wishes,


  131. This makes me incredibly sad. Words can't describe how much Nightwish has meant to me for years now, and to me you were an irreplaceable part of the band. I don't know if I will ever be able to love NW as much as I did before. Probably not.

    Anyway, I want you to know that I wish you and your family the best! I truly hope you will continue bringing joy to our lives through music, even though it isn't with Nightwish anymore. I adore you as a singer, and think you are an exceptional, inspiring, lovely person! You are one of the most beautiful people - inside and out - I've ever had the fortune to meet. Meeting you was one of the most memorable moments of my life because you were so sweet and kind. Lots of love!

  132. It is really really sad thing (and unexpected) that you leave Nw..i really liked you and your sound is so beuatiful! I hope that we finnish fans will hear your sound one way or another. Remember, all good things come to end and life goes on (with or without Nightwish)..thank god!

    This is sad day for all fans of Nightwish. Take care of yourself and all the best for you.

    Best regards,


  133. You'll be missed, Anette. I wish you all the best.

  134. All your Argentinian´s fans are with tou. If you think that is the best, we support you. Thanks for all the great shows and all this happy year!
    Greeting from Argentina!!!

  135. I must tell you something more. I forgot it in the first post, but it´s really important for me to tell you.
    I recpect you, I adore you. Not blindly like a metal star, but like a person. To me it feels like I know you personally, because you shared everything with us. And it was amazing. I think you are great kind person. You really inspired me and as i read not only me. You was and will be my sun in the dark days. And at the end i must say BIG THANK YOU for everything. And thank God for you.

  136. I'm disappointed Anette, very sad that you and the rest of the band couldn't handle this in a different way. 
    I truly hope you reconsider this decision, because for those of us who have been behind you all these years, is not easy. Not at all. I don't think we will be able to get used to another singer once again.
    For me, Nightwish is not just a band, it's a way of life, and none of its members is replaceable for me, no one. And especially you!
    I wish the best for you. In the end, I will always remember you as the beautiful lady who made me fall in love with Nightwish back in 2007.

    Not a goodbye, but a see you soon (hopefully). And I'm sorry if my message sounds a bit agressive. It's not that way. THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!

    Your fan, Emmanuel...

  137. I want to tell you directly how sad I feel. I'm a vocalist, too, and I think I can say I completely feel you, Im so disappointed with the band because of what they did in Denver. If my bards did that to me Im not sure how I would react... I think you have taken all of this with a great touch and a very nice gesture to your fans. Im sure they are more than you think. Please, make another blog, I want toknow how can I hear your voice again...
    With all my heart and support <3


  138. I am most definitely shocked to hear this news, but am glad that it is for the better of things. Unfortunately, I never got to see you live, but I suppose that's my fault, eh?
    I wish you well on your upcoming journeys. I will most definitely miss you!

    Lots of love, -D <3

  139. noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo this is bad joke :((((((((((((

  140. Hello Anette, Was it because of what happened days ago? If it was, it was just 1 concert and don't forget the guys are humans too... I wish this were just a temporary anger outburst and not serious. Either way, I hope you you and the guys keep a good friendship.

    I was going to a meet and greet you in London, because got the first place in the Crow Owl Dove video-clip contest. I was told by Nuclear Blast that the whole band choose it. And for that I have to say THANK YOU!

    I was so happy I was going to meet you personally, because from what I saw on the interviews you're a really nice person. Now I'll only get to meet the guys... I hope one day I can meet you personally and say thank you.

    And PLEASE, don't close your blog! Keep it as a personal blog, as it has always been. Remember also that there are great memories written here, which shouldn't be deleted!

    Last but not the least, I want to wish you the best of luck for your future! I'll keep checking out this blog, if you don't close it.

    Wish you all the best,
    Pedro Calvo

  141. Dear Nettie!

    We are deeply sorry with this, but we want you to know that we will still love and support you! Try not to be upset! (but it's impossible, isn't it? :) )
    We have visited this blog not because of nightwish or smth nightwish is connected with, it was because of YOU being such an interesting, funny and kind personality!

    I wish you all the best in your future endeavours! And this is a chance to be with your family, or maybe to write your own, independent music, or just to do what you want.

    We will love you forever, you became a part of us!
    Take care, don't be sad!

  142. Dear Anette,

    this wasn´t such a big surprise to me, I respect this decision and hope you are fine, nevertheless.
    Hope poor Floor knows what she is doing.
    But see it like this: You are free now without this heavy pressure on your shoulders and can do whatever you want to! Hope to hear from you in future.
    I wish you and your beloved all the best and may your way lead you into the sun... :)


  143. One more thing. It would be cool of you didn't close your blog. It would be the saddest way to end this. We are YOUR fans, not just because of Nightwish, but because we admire you as person and would like to keep in touch. Please, please, don't end it like this.

    Don't leave the band...

  144. Dearest Anette,

    That was unexpected... I hope you are okay..
    Please don't close your blog, I loved reading your posts so much and you are so inspirational. Or at least don't delete it, keep it online so we can still read things back from the archives, even if you don't update anymore...
    It would be lovely if you could keep writing about running and your boys and your life. To us, you are much more than the voice of Nightwish. You are a wonderful human being who we draw inspiration from. Your posts always brought a smile to my face or they had meaning

    Of course it is your choice, and I'll respect it, as sad as it makes me.

    I'll miss you, and wish you all the best.

    Love, kisses and hugs,
    Laura (the Netherlands)

  145. Oh my... I just heard so. It cannot be true ;( I'll tell you something totally honestly: I didn't like you when you appeared in our NW family. But when I just heard one of your very first songs I couldn't curse myself for being such an idiot. Your voice is beautiful, you and your heart as well. I'll stand it if this decision was full considered, then I just can't be anything than happy person that you decided to leave boys and let them live their lives. I love you and your soft voice and I will never stop listening to your music. I hope you won't end up with your music career. And one more thing: this blog didn't read only NW fans. So if you don't want to lead this blog- create a new one, when you'll be just Anette Olsson, not a NW's singer.
    Love, love, love!

  146. I'm going to really miss you. I wish you the best in everything you do and sending lots of love your way. I can understand why you want to close up your blog, but I ask you to reconsider. You may not be in Nightwish anymore but your fans still care about you and would love a way to stay in contact with you! Anyway, you are a lovely, amazingly talented woman and I hope to hear more from you soon!

  147. It broke my heart
    I will miss you my dear Anette
    Love you forever.......

  148. It makes me so sad to hear that you are leaving. Your strength is what makes me admire you the most, as I am sure it took a lot for you to make this decision. I so hope this isn't the end of your singing career and that we will still hear your beautiful voice somewhere in music. It's sad that you won't keep the blog either, because you give such good advice on non-NW stuff. Dearest Anette, I wish you the absolute best in the future. Just wish I could have had the chance to meet you in person once more and have the courage to tell you how awesome I think you are. HUGS!! Your fans LOVE you. <3

  149. Very sad to hear this Anette! You really brought something special to Nightwish, it will be a big loss for them!
    I'm sad that I never got to see you in concert, and also that you're closing your blog, it was great to read your posts! But perhaps it's all for the best...
    Anyway, I'll say "Bye Bye Beautiful" and wish you all the best for the future!

  150. Dear Anette,
    This message made me really was. But thank you so much for your input in the band. I have seen you with Nightwish three times, and I really enjoyed it! I wish you, Johan, Seth and Nemo all the best in the future! <3 And good luck with your cyst!
    I will miss you in Nightwish!
    Lots of love and hugs from Britt, from the Netherlands<3

  151. Dear Anette this is devastating news.... =( I would like to thank you for everything you did, not just in Nightwish but also for your kind, nice words which made my days better for many times...and thank your for your help, your advices how we can live our lives if we only have strong will and hope. You gave us a piece of your soul and we will always be grateful for that. Please don't close your blog, there are many people who love you and will miss you so much that it hurts.

    Thank you again and remember you are an excellent singer and a person worth admiration. Wish you all the best in life,
    lots of love!

  152. One thing came in my mind...does it mean close this blog that you will never write here...or it will be also deleted??? I hope not... it would be nice if it could remain...just not updated...Thank you!

  153. its so sad. i'm really sad:(

  154. You will be missed Anette!

  155. I'm so shocked! :( For what it's worth, as a singer I appreciated your work with NW so much! Good luck for your future! :,(

  156. Thanks for your hard work!

    And thanks for making me wish to lern to sing like you. I will never forgett that.

    Enjoy life to the fullest!

  157. I think you shouldn't close your blog, you do have true fans that care about you and want to know how you're doing =)

    I wish you could say much more things but I'm heartbroken!

    Wish you the best of luck, and everything goes well with your future plans!

    Love you!

  158. It's is very sad for me that you are leaving Nightwish. I greatly enjoyed your visit to Adelaide Australia in 2007.

    I want to let you know how much we will miss you, and that we love you and wish to support you in your next venture.

    Please keep on singing. I love seeing when Tarja releases something new, now I'll just have to keep my eye out for you too ;)

    Thank you so much for bringing your great voice to Nightwish, Best wishes and love from Downunder <3 <3 <3

  159. Can't believe this... I just can't!
    I never liked Nightwish, the only reason that turned me into a deep fan of Nightwish was your lovely and powerful voice.
    I'm deeply sad, but understand your decision. Good luck, Anette.
    I'll always love your voice... always.

    "You are the voice of Never-Neverland, the inocence, the dreams of every man. You are the empty crib of Peter Pan! A silent kite against the blue, blue sky, every chimney, every moonlit sight! You are the story that will read us real, every memory that we hold, dear ..."

  160. Snälla Anette, stäng inte ner den här bloggen. Du betyder så mycket för dina fans. Du inspirerar mig så himla mycket och utan din personlighet och fantastiska röst hade min dag varit så mycket dystrare.
    Jag är så ledsen att jag inte kan andas just nu :'(

  161. So sorry to hear this. I am in shock. I met you on the 70000 tons of Metal cruise and you are such a lovely person. Nightwish has been my life for so many years and to hear this disappoints me. Nightwish made a huge mistake, you deserve more. I wish to hear something from you soon, I am YOUR fan. Thank you so much for everything!

    Daniela (Mexico)

  162. I'm sad to read that, but if this decision is yours and the one of the band, even if it could surely not be an easy one, it is the best. I wish you all the best for the future and wish to read you again in an other blog.

  163. Glad I got to see you performing with Nightwish in NYC before this unfortunate turn of events... You were wonderful with Nightwish... but since you seem to no longer be using the stage name and sudden departure... does that mean retirement?

  164. It cannot be! It's just impossible. Please, don't close this blog, don't stop your career. You're fantastic singer, and I want to hear you anywhere else.
    Please Anette, don't do that! End of Nightwish era is not end of everything.

  165. This comes so unexpectedly and I can barely believe it. I'm still trying to figure it out but just can't do it. I'm still here hoping it's all a nightmare or a joke. I'm just...shocked. And sad.
    Sad, 'cause your presence in Nightwish made me discover a wonderful Voice, a talented Artist, a BIG source of inspiration (I'm a singer and you are one of my absolute role models!) but most of all the lively, cheerful, sweet, tender yet strong and strenght-inspiring girl whose blog I read daily and whom I started to think to as a friend of mine. And this is how I want to think of you henceforth. As Anette, simply my friend Anette.
    It would be great if at least you wouldn't close this blog. But the decision is only yours and whatever it may be, it deserves all the respect.
    I will miss your Voice and your charisma as Nightwish vocalist and I'll miss reading about everything you wanted to share with us daily.
    But I and we all have to accept it.
    I'm really honored to have seen you, such a great artist and nice person, on stage last April. Who knows, maybe I'll see you again in your own career...I can't wait to hear some good music from you ;)
    I wish you all the best for your life and your artistic journey.
    Thank you for all the Emotion, the Inspiration and the strength you have given me so far, Anette.
    Looking forward to hear about you soon.
    Bästa lyckönskningar och hälsningar! :)
    Lots of Love ♥

  166. Dear, Anette! You are great singer. I hope you'll delight us (your fans)in future.

  167. Dear Anette!

    I am so shocked and i still can't believe it! =( Thank YOU for everything! You inspirated so many people including me. I respect your decision and I wish you all the best!
    And please don't close your blog =)

    Somehow I am still hoping that this is just a bad dream.

    Lots of love!

  168. I can't believe the news! Anette I'll miss you so much! I feel honored for the opportunity I had to see you perform in your last show with Nightwish in Salt Lake City ... You were great! You looked wonderful and even though you had the flu your voice was amazing!!

    I'll miss you so much!I hope you can check that cyst and take care of your little ones! Wish you only the best in this world sweet Anette!!

  169. you earned my respect over the years and proved strong after everything we faced in the banda. Congratulations! you was a winner and they have lost not you. Much success and happiness in your life. Best wishes from Brazil!

  170. Hi Anette :) I hope you'll read this.

    I never couldn't see you live, but I still want to thank you for the beautiful years you were in Nightwish.
    Thank you so much ♥
    I also hope that we could hear something about you in the future. :)

  171. Anette... is very unfortunate for me and for many people what you left of Nightwish, but we will follow in all your projects and support you, because left us a greats memories, and filled us with emotions and happiness with your presence and that attitude that characterizes you. We love you, is always forward, do not left yourself fall in this hard times, and draws strength from your loved ones, they are by your side. They always will give you the courage to continue with your projects. We love you!!! Always looking ahead and do not let yourself fall before the adversity. Best wishes to you and yours... With love Chio Sara.

  172. Verkligen synd att jag inte tog mig tid att se er live när du var med. Din insats i NW går inte att kompensera rättvist. Tack vare dig så fick NW en betydligt större publik. Men varför får jag en känsla av att du kommer att fortsätta figurera inom musiken och därmed blomma ut ännu mera än vad du har gjort hittills...? Fortsätta med soloalbum? Finns många skickliga människor i Vasa (Finland)... Lycka till med vad du än gör! Men kom ihåg, barnen behöver sin mamma.

  173. This was unexpected.. I'm really sad to hear this.
    Also the fact that you are closing your blog.
    It is all very terrible.
    Nightwish is my favorite band which I have never seen live.. you didn't come to Slovenia in June, unfortunately so I wasn't able to see you.

    I wish you the best and still hope that you will at least have a solo career. Therefor you could have another blog where your truly fans could stay in touch with you.


    Best wishes,

  174. I always wanted to write a comment on your blog, and here is my last change.

    I was really shocked about these news. This came out as a total surprise, and I had no idea that it all would end so fast. Nightwish's music has many times helped me over bad days and you brought so much positive energy to the band, and that's why this is so big shock for me. You have no idea how much I'm crying right now. I fell in love with your wonderful voice when I first heard it, back in the days when you were a new member in the band. I can't believe that it has been so many years already. You have become my hero by being so positive and sunny person, something that a grumpy and shy Finnish girl like me will never fully understand. I really can't put my thoughts into words right now, but I just wanted to tell you that no matter what happens, I will always be a big fan of yours. Best of luck to you, Nettie!

    Thank you for being worth my respect. ♥

  175. THANK YOU, ANETTE! We will love you forever <3

  176. You rocked it hard in Kansas City -- so sad to see you leave the band. But I have no doubt your future is full a greatness.

  177. Anette, I have looked up to you for years. I always appreciated your vocals and thought they were so so special. You have something that not many other people have. Please take care of yourself. I know you are having some health concerns that can turn in to something much bigger. I hope and pray God will watch over you and keep you healthy.

    God Bless.

    P.S. - Could you please keep your blog so we know you are okay? Seriously, I will honestly sit here and worry about you.

  178. I don't want to live on this planet anymore!

  179. It´s a sad day for me. i will look forward to more music from you, please don´t stop singing. I love your voice and I wish you strenght in these times.

  180. I can't believe you are doing this. I just hope the fans will get a clear explanation of everything that happened. I couldn't stop thinking about the concerts in december and now, there's no Anette. You went through a lot with the band, you "survived" the first tour, you were able to handle all the fans saying nasty things to you. Imaginaerum is an amazing album, you guys have a movie to be released. And now you are just leaving? How come? Can't believe this is happening AGAIN.

  181. I think was better if u said this first, and then do all the concerts... I hope NW and you wait a minute and think about NW fans... You broke my heart... I think is really hard for a people who buy tickets to see u all (Anette, Marco, Tuomas, Jukka, Emppu...) and then... we take other...

    I think NW band and you, are doing wrong, but is my opinion...

    In other hand, I dont understand why u close the blog. Is an "Anette Olzon Blog", not a NW Anette Blog. By the way, I hope u make a new blog and put your new link here.

    Kiss & Hugs for u and for the band...

  182. really love u

    I will miss u

    and best wishes

  183. Oh gosh, that was the thing I feared the most since the last week, I can say that I am not the only sad person with this new... All your brazilian fans love you, and we just wanted to see you live on this tour once more... It's depressing to know it won't happen, the only thing i wanted in my life was this... But we all wish all the best for you and we would like to have news of you once in a while...

  184. Good luck in your new life, this is a sad news but I really wish to see you as a solo artist or maybe in a new band, I will miss you very much !! You did the best job one could ever have done !
    Lots of love from France :) <3

  185. I am very sad about your decision, I was waiting for your visit to Peru in December. :(

    Well, I'm your fan I wish the best for you in your personal and professional life. I can only say: Thank you for being part of the art world, good music, Nightwish and all the people who love you. This fan of yours will always remember you and keep listening to your songs with Nightwish or soloist.

    Now I hear the song EVA and STORYTIME, because those songs you transmitted tenderness in your sweet voice.

    Good luck dear Anette Olsson, a big kiss and a big hug this your fan!!!!

  186. My words would be useless...
    I will miss you SO much dearest Anette!! :(

  187. You may not read this but thanks for those great songs, and i admire your strenght, and courage, despite all those tar-fans, you did it excellent and will have a great future, i'll be following your career

  188. Dear Anette,
    I'm really shocked this is Nightwish's case: Again!?
    I became a fan of Nightwish when I was 8 years old, now I'm 19 years old already and that this is happening again, it just feels awful and weird.

    Sweet Anette, I really want you to know that you totally ROCKED! You were AMAZING. I have to be honest, in the beginning it was hard to accept such a different singer from Tarja, but god damnit you stole my heart pretty soon. You've been through so much, the most awful things were said and done to you and you really didn't deserve that, BIG RESPECT for how you handled it and still stayed in the band! It must have been so hard for you, big respect! I really LOVE you Anette.

    I really hope you still had a nice time when you were in the band and I hope you guys parted on good terms...

    I also really hope your health is oke. I hope nothing bad has happened or will happen.

    Dear Anette, please take good care of yourself and please don't vanish from this planet. I hope we will still hear you in the music world because it would be a shame to miss you there.
    I want to wish you all the best and also to your family.

    Thanks for the great years in Nightwish, you were amazing.

    With love and respect,

  189. There has to be more to this story. I mean picking up the pieces it sounds like these guys did not respect you. WTF... Annette I sent this to Nightmail, I know they wont care about the American opinion because we are to small...

    You have to be kiding. Anette is in the hospital and you put the singer in from Kamelot instead of cancelling or moving the show to a different date. You then have Floor Jansen come in to finish... This had to be in the works for a long time, Anette seemed really upset that you put the show on you did not even tell her. Geez.. Maybe Tarja had valid reasons to feel the way she did too. I hope there is a better reason for this.... . I hope you don't approve another book or song to slam her like Tarja. I started to listen to nightwish because of Anette.

    Anyway, good luck to you and your family.

  190. Please Anette keep your blog :( We will miss you!!!

  191. Dear Anette,

    When I first heard the news, I thought it was a joke. I thought it couldn't be true, not halfway through the tour, but here we are, and reading your blog I feel I have a sense of why you have made this decision. I have always had great respect for you, for your strength and bravery in the face of all kinds of awful behaviour. But if you have left for the reasons I suspect, I respect you even more - because it is clear how much YOU respect yourself. You have always been an excellent inspiration and role model, and never more so than in this moment.

    Nonetheless, it's upsetting news. I don't actually listen to Nightwish as much these days, but I've still ended up crying... "Meadows of Heaven" came up on random and attacked me out of nowhere, and the tears came rushing out. It's always been one of my favourite of your performances, but then again you've always been amazing, and always going from strength to strength. I've always admired your versatility, charisma and character. Nightwish, with you as the frontwoman, was a HUGE part of my life and I'm unexpectedly emotional to see that chapter close.

    I hope you will keep singing, wherever the path you've now chosen will take you. And I really, really sincerely hope that your illness is not as serious as my paranoia is making it out to be and that you'll be okay in the long run, because I hate the idea of you being in pain, or can't bear the idea of the world losing Anette, the wonderful, inspirational person we all love.

    Take care, live as well as you urged us to and carry our good luck wishes with you always!

    Much love,

  192. I'll miss you as a member of Nightwish, and I certainly look forward to hearing your future musical endeavors.

  193. Oh no Anette! So sad news :( I regret I never saw you in a concert. But remember, you are a great singer, with a beautiful and sweet voice and I thank you for sharing it with the word. I read all you blog and I really admire your strength and the way you overcome different situations in your life. You are a great woman Anette, no matter what, I know it sounds strange coming from someone who hasn't met you personally, but that's the way I feel and I want you to know that. And by the way, your blog even if it was created to keep in touch with NW fans, for me it turn out to be a way to keep in touch with you as a person and as a singer, no matter where o who you sing with.
    Love Anette, love your beautiful family and friends. Things get better ;D

    YOUR fan! :)

  194. Anette, this is hands down one of the saddest moments I've had in the last months. :(

    I've loved you and your voice as a singer in Nightwish, and I will miss you a lot. With your voice you have been a big part of my life, even if you don't know it, and for that I thank you.

    I have no idea why this happened, even though I followed last days news and I guess something must have gone very wrong at some point. I'm awfully sorry about that because I had the feeling you had a great bond with the guys on stage.

    I really hope that you will think twice about closing this blog, though. Even if you're not Nightwish singer anymore, you're still Anette, and we are here for YOU.

    A huge hug from Italy. Thanks for the beautiful emotions you've given me in the last years.

  195. I can't believe this. I'm shocked.
    I'll miss you Anette, your voice is beautiful.
    I wish you luck in your life whatever you do.
    Love you Anette!