Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Cyprus photos

And then from Cyprus;=) We were at a place called Althea Beach in Fig Tree bay. Super nice hotel with all inclusive and childrens acitivities so we had a very relaxing week as I told you. For the kids they have some figures that entertain them and here in the photos you can see Bamse, Vargen and lille skutt. Here´s some info from wikipedia about these figures if you don´t know them.


  1. Oh anettes it's so nice that you post pics from you :)
    I'm really in love with your blog :P
    Really nice pics


  2. It seems a wonderful place! Nice photos, and the hairstyle you have in the last one is really beautiful!
    Just one thing.. am I the only one who's a bit scared from those big mascottes? =O

  3. Poor Anette...sunburt! Ouch!

    Nice pictures, thanks!

  4. Good evening!

    Very nice pictures! Looking them makes me wanna go to a vacation too..:D

  5. Ditt hår blev verkligen skitsnyggt!
    Cypern är verkligen en mycket vacker ö. Hoppas du har det massa kul!

    Kramar ifrån Nessi

  6. Anette your photo's are very nice and I can just see by your big smile that you had an amazing time and I hope your family had just as much fun.

    Can I also add without any insult intended that I bet nobody recognized you as you looked in your last photo which has got to be a good thing as personal time is sacred :=)

    love and light

  7. Nice pictures again! Vargen is scary XD

  8. Beautiful place!!
    Sounds great! So nice that you spent a week relaxing there.
    I'll check those links about the characters. :)

  9. You look so beautiful in the last picture! :) I'm glad you had fun! ♥

  10. P.S. the ... what are they? characters ... mascots ... they remind me of the mice from Disney's 'Cinderella' ;)

  11. You are soooo sweet in the last photo!
    The pics are wonderful!

  12. Lovely photo's looks like you had fun.

    Thanks for posting them :)

    Lisa x

  13. Thanks for sharing pictures from your trip with us,the fans!
    In the last two pics you look wonderful!:)

  14. Thanks for shareing photos! You look very beautifull on the last photo <3

  15. Hello!
    Very nice photos. You look beautiful :)

  16. wow, what a beautiful photos you took! ^^ the ones from Sofiero are so beautiful! I love these kind of places full of nature etc :) and cyprus seems to be a very cool place, specially for the kids.. even though that vagren kinda scared me :P

    and, of course, you look lovely in the last 2 photos. :)

  17. Wow, really good photos! =). Like Sonia said in one comment above, it makes me wanna go on holidays, right now eh eh. Too bad I'm still having my exams, oh well =\.
    Awww, don't you look lovely in those photos? =D. I really like your fringe!.

    I'd like to thank you once again for this blog, Anette ... It's so nice that you take some of your time to share your thoughts and experiences with us. You are amazing! =)

    Good night and sleep tight,
    Barbara - Portugal

  18. I'm glad you had some lovely sun and relaxation! Looks like the weather was perfect. :-) Then again, it usually is in Cyprus... ;-)

  19. Very niiice, you look very happy.
    Kisses from Brazil ;)

  20. I'd like to be here... =(
    Nice place ;)

    Have a good rest :D
    I love you ♥

    Kisses ;*

  21. Looks like you had a lot of fun <3

    It's totally unfair how you can look so young and gorgeous. You always seem to glow, no matter where you are

  22. Great photos! thanks for share this moments with us... the pics of the castle are wonderful, make me wanna go there (dream is for free, right? xP)

    Makes me really happy to know that you had fun and a deserved rest!

    Keep on rockin'


  23. Hey, great photos!
    Love it!
    Come to Brazil again, please ;)


  24. Hey Nettie, great photos!!!!!!!!!!

    I see that you have a lot of fun there!

    Miriam xxx

  25. Hello Anette =)
    Lovely Photos!
    You look so beautiful ♥

    Have a nice day =)
    Big Hugs ♥

    Emeline [France]

  26. It seems you had wonderful holidays with warm weather and sun, you lucky girl ;) I hope you enjoyed them and can't wait for your new haircut and color ^^

  27. Hello Anette,
    very nice pictures ! You are lucky to travel in this place, I really love it. And I believe you too, with your beautiful smile on the picture ;)

    A lot of courage for your preparation, for this summer !


  28. Beautiful place and of course the pics are great,wonderful.

  29. oww..looks like your skin is really red by the sun.. does it hurt?? when i turn this red by the sun it hurts like hell!!
    beautiful photos.. :-)

  30. Hi Anette♥♪!
    I made Anette Olzon-Official Croatia Fanpage ,
    so can you visit it , please. Can I hear your thinking?
    Here's the link


    Thanks ♥

  31. HEy Anette!! Nice pictures, of course!!! And you are faboulous as always!!! I really the first picture of you!

  32. Nice pictures of a beautiful place!
    Thank you for sharing them with us

  33. Looks like you had a nice time.

    Looks like a pretty good place too..

    Best wishes, Ryan.

  34. Yay, pictures!
    Looks like you had a great time. You look great in those photos and I'm sure you're already full of energy and ready to get back on tour!
    I suppose you won't have so much spare time on tour anymore, to post on the blog, so thanks for everything you've shared so far and hope all the gigs go great!

  35. Hi! Nice pictures! It looks very nice there! =D
    I can't wait to see what your new haircolour is! =D
    And I also want to thank you for this blog, it's really nice of you! ^^

  36. Wow great pics!
    Looks like really lots of fun and relaxing ;-)
    It is so nice to share it with us :-)

    Tack ;-)

  37. I'm french, so my english is... very bad!
    I love you very much!
    You are a good singer!

  38. And, I hope that you will come back to Toulouse!
    I want to see again you!
    It was very very very well!

  39. Thanks again for sharing the pictures with us.

  40. Hej!
    Jag såg en show med Bamse för några år sedan med mina syskon. Dom började gråta men jag tyckte att det var spännande:D

    I alla fall, jag tycker att du är fantastisk och hoppas du har haft en skön semester och att du fortsätter att skriva:)
    Ha så kul på turnén!


  41. nice photos i like them!
    it seems like wonderful place

    i wish to go somewhere, but school isn't over yet, so all the time i stare in book or computer -.-'

    hugs from croatia

  42. The black bear (bear?) looks like Nalle, but a bit skinny :D
    Have you already watched Nalle's videos?

    It is the band The Rasmus making some fun.
    If you have the chance to watch:


    Part 01
    Part 02
    Part 03

    And sorry for my bad English :P

    Greetings from a fan from Brazil.
    Take care.

  43. Dear Anette

    Lovely photos, it seems really nice there :D
    Ohh now I want on holiday too ( only 6 days left)