Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Good stuff;=)

These things are for me great accessories. The studded belt from Gina Tricot can fix any outfit to look rock, the sunglasses are great. They are cheap and from H&M and I must say they look like many of the expensive glasses but much much better price;=) The shoes are Christian Louboutin and I know many people think his shoes are expensive and yes, they are. But I have a couple of them now and when it comes to comfortable high heels, his are among the easiest to walk in. And for me, who wears high heels on stage all the time, I need good shoes so I dont break my feet;=)

I also bought some new books in Stockholm that I really look forward to read. Have any of you read them?
The first one is the fist book in a series of books which also is a tv-series called True Blood. The author is Charlaine Harris and the title is Dead until Dark. The other two are written by P.C. and Kristin Cast and are called Marked and Betrayed. This is also a series of books. They are all about vampires;=)


  1. wow really great accessories!!
    can't wait to see you on stage with this stuff
    you like vampires, don't you? - so i do^^

    take care

  2. Hejj =)

    Oh I like the sunglasses

    I really like your taste of stuff ;)
    I also like vampires


  3. Good evening Anette,

    unfortunetaly I know neither of those books, but they bring up the question if books are easily available in the original languages in Sweden? How about movies in cinema? English with subtitles?
    And I also want to comment on your being-yourself individuality post. As I have already told you, you have an immense influence on all these young girls who follow your blog, and to me this influence is more than positive. among all these pretty-on-the outside skinny superfiction you are so warming, even to me not being a young girl anymore. I cannot thank you enough for that.
    Lots of love, Julia

  4. Good Evening!
    Ah! These are accessories that are essential for women. I love shoes in particular. These are beautiful.
    And the sunglasses <3 ...

    Much of love!

  5. Don't you like to read writers from the past centuries like XIX or XIV centuries? :)
    And yes, i read a book of Kristin Cast =)The only one from your list))

  6. Very nice belt! =)

    I only read the Twilght series, but I'm looking for some books to read on my vacations. Maybe I'll get The Count Of Mount Christ or start Stephen King's Dark Tower series.

    Hugs from Brazil!

  7. And i always wear shoes with a big platform beneath my feet and heels also =)i'm not trying to alike but i love this hels like you wear :) I have 11 pairs of such ones at home)_ Since i don't like low ones..Only maybe in winter time

  8. Hi Dear Anette!!

    Very good photos!!

    (my forum


    With all my love


  9. I can't pick up just any old sunglasses as I wear specs, although I go into H&M and try them on.

    Belt and shoes are particularly lush!

  10. Hey, I have one book of Charlaine Harris here, "Living Dead In Dallas" ("Vivendo Morto Em Dallas" in portuguese-BR).
    I read it once. It is a great romance, but not my favorite :P

    There is another one with a sugestive name, "Dead To The World" (Morto Para o Mundo" in portuguese-BR). This one I have never read.

    You got great stuffs. I like vampires too!

    Nice sunglasses, also :D

    Greetings from a fan from Brazil.
    Take care.

  11. Hi anette
    very beautiful accessories, Very anette Excellent.
    I love the vampires' histories
    I did not see any of this, you recommend them to me?
    I will look at them.=)

    kisses anette

  12. Nice accessories. =D

    Although, im not at all a fan of vampire books.

  13. Hey! I've read those last two books before, and they're pretty good!

    If you're interested in books with a little bit of actions, check out the Author Brent Weeks and his Night Angel Trilogy. The three books are a great read, I couldn't put them down.

    Have a great day! ( its the afternoon where I live. :D)

  14. I have not opportunity to ready them, one book of vampire much good that I read was Dracula. Unfortunately here in Brazil has not yet started the series True Blood, become a vampire who was detective, I think the name was Full Moon, but Unfortunely stopped moving. A good serie that is going Supernatural. Do you like the serie Supernatural?

    Again sorry for my bad english.

  15. Good evening Anette! I also love Vampires!
    And True Blood is just awesome!!!
    And the new stuffs are awesome!!!!

  16. Hello!

    wow, either you like vampires, I love, I just recently finished reading "Evernight", highly recommended!
    well clear of the "Twilight" saga!
    I love your accessories!

    good to have a great day!


  17. Great photos Anette =). I love the sunglasses.
    I saw "Dead Until Dark" a couple of weeks ago in a bookstore, the cover called my attention and I think I will buy it next week eh eh. Sounds like a great book, in my opinion.


  18. now i love you even more, you like vampires *__*
    Anne rice´s are the best tough...
    ^You have some really nice stuff in there
    stay heavy =)

  19. Hei
    I really like those shoes. I don't really know how it's possible to walk in it, but they do look comfortable... strange :) And the belt is perfect.
    Vampires, hmm :) Frightening and fascinating.

  20. I love them shoes!!!
    I have a very similar pair of sunglasses to those (great taste :))
    Ooo I'm guessing you like vampire stories? lol

    Happy reading :)

    Amy , UK

  21. The books look interesting. I love vampire novels, and I'm writing one myself at the moment. I also need some new sunglasses, and those ones look great.

  22. Oh My Gosh!!!
    The House of Night series is the BEST!
    There's Marked and
    Betrayed-which you have there-and
    then there's Chosen, Untamed, and Hunted(which had just come out this
    past February).
    The next one, the 6th one will be called
    Tempted, and it will be out in September
    I believe. All together,
    they eventually will have 9 books in
    the series. I hope you love them,
    because that's probably my favorite book
    series next to The Summoning/The Awakening.

    I have heard good things about the True Blood based books, but I haven't read them.

    Anyway, tell us what you think,
    especially about the
    House of Night Series(beware of the

    Oh, and cute clothes!!!

    Hugs and love, Katie T.

  23. I really like that belt and glasses.

    I like your taste :)

  24. Hej!

    Jag har inte läst de där bökerna. Du faktiskt tycker om vampyrer ;)
    Förlåt min dålig svenska..

  25. Wow, you are a vampire lover! Cool! Vampire are awesome!

    I was in Windsors book store a few days ago, I looked at those books and considerd buying them, but then I realised I had like 6 other books to get though XD What are they like?Are they good?

  26. Oo har de solglasögonen ; ) Snyggt bälte från Gina verkligen.
    Angående Christian L. Well... ska det gå att gå i så får det oftast kosta också. Tyvärr. Önskar det var åt andra hållet :/

  27. House of Night series is good, but perhaps you should try out Vampire Academy series! It's wonderful if you're into vampires. ;)

  28. yay very interesting shopping, Anette!!

  29. Hi Anette, :) you´re into vampires...that´s cool...I hope you give us a little recap on those books. I myself find that topic quite interesting..altough it´s not the only thing. By the way I know you have a concert coming..if it hasn´t already happened of luck and I´m sure you´ll do an amazing job as usual.



  30. nice belt Anette!! I thought the sunglasse were from Dior!!!really nice!! I love the shoes too!!
    Hope you will like the books!! I dn't know if you have read Aldrig Fucka upp by Jens Lapidus, but my boyfriend says it was really really good!!

  31. Boken i mitten.. "Marked" Den håller jag på att läsa! Den är faktiskt riktigt bra! Lycka till med läsningen.


  32. :-D Anette!!! :-D I have the same sunglasses :-D I like them very much, but my boyfriend thinks that they aren´t pretty nice.. But they are gorgeous, aren´t they???? :-* :o)

  33. Wow you're reading about Vampires! I love reading vampire books!! and also i write songs about Vampires.

    hmm...Have you ever readen another books about Vampires like The Vampire Diaries?
    They are very good!

    About accesories: good shopping^^

  34. I have not read the Sookie Stackhouse novels yet. I do however watch the show TrueBlood based on them. I see you like dark fiction, you should check out my writing @

    I missed Nightwish when they hit the US @ the end of 2007, hoping to catch you all when you tour US again.

    I would be more than happy to send over some signed copies of my books for you and the band. Have your manager drop me line @, and I will send them over.

    All the best to you and the rest of Nightwish.


  35. You certainly have a very good taste in books ;)

  36. OMG! I am obsessed with Charlaine Harris's novels! I've read all 8 of them and love the show. Such a good buy :D.

    I haven't read them yet, but I also hear that the novels by Patricia Briggs are really good if you're into that genre. ;)

  37. I've only read Dead after dark, and the two others after from the series yet. I like them. I've seen the TV series, I like it too. Season two has just started. But the books are a little bit different from the series, you have the universe but some characters are added. Anyway, have a good read, you have good taste for vampires books!

  38. True Blood is just great. And there's a Swede in it, Alexander Skarsgård, I suppose you know him. He's so great, I think hehe. And the books are fantastic, I'm sure you'll love them. I've read the first 8 so far, and still have the 9th, that came out this year. They're very addictive. Vampires rule! And so does Christian Louboutin! He makes the most beautiful shoes ever!