Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Question time

Ok,guys... I can answer some questions again... but I will only answer the questions that come now since last time it was to many;=) I need to do it like this otherwise all my days would be filled with answering questions.

So from now on and half an hour more, you can hit me with questions;=)

Hit it, folks!


  1. Ooh, ooh. What to ask...

    1. Did the hypnotherapy work?

    2. Which NW song have you not done that you would love to have go at performing live (I think you'd do great with Stargazers, my very fave NW song!)?


  2. Hey Anette.

    I have a few.

    What annoys you most in fans?
    Do you mind if I throw you a letter at Hartwall? ;).
    Where would you're favourite place be for Nightwish to have a gig?
    Have you ever considered writing a autobiography?

  3. About your style :)

    I have notice that your style today is a bit different that end of 2007. I know it's normal because me myself wear different kind of clothes today but my quiestion is that do you feel that at the begin you were searching for your own NW-style and now you have find that "Anette in Nightwish"-style which you use in stage? :) Or do you wear same kind of style in your freetime?

    And I meant more those club-shows in winter ect. not these summerfestival where artists can dress more "casual" without looking out of place. :)

    Btw. I love your stage-clothing. You look like "Anette Olzon" but you look also like a singer in the metal/rock/whateverNWis band :)

  4. Hi Anette...just wanted to ask:

    1. Is there any one song that you would say describes your life or a particular moment in your life?

    2. What advice would you give to someone that wants to sing as a career?

    3. If you had to describe your life to someone using only your clothes, what would the outfit look like?

    Thanks Anette and I really hope you liked the stringy black bracelet I gave you in London....you seemed to wear it at all the other European shows, so I assumed you did like it!! Thank you for inspiring me and I hope to meet you again sometime soon. Can't wait to see you in Helsinki, although I'll be right at the back!!!

    Holly xxxx

  5. Ok,
    1. What does the tattoo on your underarm mean?
    2. Do you want more tattoo's?
    3. Why have you your own website, blog, and as you said today, merchandise? I only worry that you could leave the band maybe.

    Hugs, Margit

  6. Hey Anette =)

    Will you perform "Ghost Love Score" and "Ever dream" on M´Era Luna Festival in Hildesheim Germany on the 8th of August? Its my biggest biggest wish ;) so, it would be great.

    Hugs, Alisa

  7. Hei Anette
    first of all I want to say You're great <3 =)

    1. What have you done before a very important exam? (Because I have tomorrow my final exams :( And I'm very very scared)

    2. Can you play some instruments?

    3. What is your favourite word? ;)

    Thx for answering =)


  8. Hi Anette,

    -Can you visit pleas my forum of You? (http://anetteolzon.forumactif.com)
    -There Will Be What in your maechandise?



  9. you guys have in mind to do some new cover song in you shows? or play an old one? please, tell me yes.
    Thank you and congratulation for the marvelous job.


  10. Hej Anette!

    1. You spoke before that your sisters daughter liked Nightwish before Tarja be fired.. What she are thinking now, when her AUNT is "new" singer of Nightwish? :D
    Maybe it´s really strange for her :D
    And does she listen Nightwish still?
    (Answer if you want answer that, maybe this is too close to family question?)

    2. Are you ever watched Swedish-Finland ice hockey tournament with Nightwish boys? It would be so interesting session. :D
    If you are, how it was going? If you don´t, it must create someday!

  11. Hi Anette, here are my questions:

    1. When you started that blog you said that you had no idea yet how it will turn out and now, more than one month later - how do you feel about it? (I think you enjoy writing it nearly as much as we do reading it) =)

    2. Looking back from you first day at Nightwish until now, what do you think is your biggest personal achievement of which you are really proud?

    3. If you could choose any country to live in (house etc. would be provided and no job-strings attached, a Nightwish free world let's say =) ) where would you want to live?

    4. Is singing outdoors at festivals more enjoyable or easier for the vocal cords than indoors and warm venues? Do you prefer one above the other?

    5. Did becoming a vegetarian made you feel better in regards to your health/condition and what did Jukka say to find a fellow vegetarian?

    6. Do you think you will be a little emotional at the last concert in Helsinki or relieved that touring is finally over for now after the last three years? (Either way I am looking forward to that concert, I am flying over just to see Nightwish live at their final concert)

    Thanks already in advance for your time!

    Take care,

  12. Hei ;-)
    how are you?
    Now my questions:

    1. where have you bought the trousers on that photo? http://kuva1.kuvablogi.com/iso/img816268.jpg

    2. Do you have a second forename, that you like, or don't like?

    3. Have you ever been in the Black Forest or at the source of the Danube? ;-)

    4. What's you favourite Nightwish song on stage?

    Thanks for answering! You are such a lovely person!

  13. How many Dark passion play albums you have sold,over million?

  14. Hi Anette!

    First of all, thank you so much for answering our questions again! Not many musicians do something like that on a regular basis, it's much appreciated :)

    1. So, Hartwall will be the last show of the long DPP tour. What are you going to do afterwards? Will you go on holidays or start working on the next album right away? Any plans yet? :)

    2. What do you prefer - shows in huge arenas with 10.000+ people or in little clubs with a few hundred visistors?

    3. Which one of the seven deadly sins do you think applies the most to you?

    Kat :)

  15. was it a joke to say "rest in piece" concerning Michael Jackson ?
    Or did you just mispell "peace" ?

  16. hi Nettie!: )
    please could you tell me where you bought the dress which you wore at gampel open air last year? here's a pic: )
    i'm sure i can't find it anywhere 'cause you wore it quite long ago, but it would be great to check out the website of the brand: ) and if you'd ever sell this one, i think you'll have someone to buy it; ) i hope you're not too fed up by these questions about your dresses: >

    one more question about clothes, which is your favourite outfit you've ever worn on stage?: )

    and you've mentioned somewhere that you would like to perform the duet with the rasmus, will it happen this summer?

    thanks for being so nice to us!^^ can't wait to see you next week at masters of rock festival; )
    hugs: )

  17. Hej,

    do you read all comments on your blog? And what do you think about the thoughts in the comments, especially in posts like this "Why do things go wrong?" or "Thoughts before sleeping"?

    Have a nice evening.

  18. One question more!

    Where you will buy your clothes, which you will buy soon?
    I liked some clothes, what you were wearing in 2007!
    (or I like still now your clothes and liked before too, but in 2007 some kind what I could wear too ;D)

  19. Hi dear anette ^^

    Just one little question : i'll see you in hartwall in september, could you tell us some secret things that should drive us crazy so we could not wait anymore ?

    Hugs, and my best wishes for your future =)

  20. Thanks for answering our questions-

    1. What are you favorite movies, besides Jackass!
    2. What are your favorite shows on T.V. besides Desperate Housewives and what
    do you do about missing them
    while your on tour and coming back
    and not knowing whats going on in them?
    3. What's your favorite song at the moment?
    4. What's the craziest thing to happen to
    you on stage, with Nightwish?
    5. Hope this isn't rude, but will you
    ever agin want your hair back darker?
    BEAUTIFUL BLONDE! I love it either way.

    Anyway, thank you again, and also
    thank you for inspiring my official decision
    to go into theater and music as a career,
    and you are an amazing
    person and truely gifted.

    Hugs and love, Katie T.

  21. I will ask about The Poet and the Pendulum's soprano part. I think it was you :P Am i right?

  22. HI Anette! i´m from Argentina and I´d like to ask you:
    1- did you like it when you were here in Buenos Aires?
    2- you preffer hair extentions single sticked one by one to your hair or hair courtains?
    3- are you allways in that happy mood?
    4- do you think that I can get some of those "pastile" good swedish pills for the voice? here in argentina?

    I´M allergic too, and my sing teacher gives me a very usefull way to make tea!
    mix, grindered ginger, with honey, lemon and green tea, and swalows, very slowly, you have to feel that the tea is cleaning your trhoath!
    hope it´will be usefull for you too!
    muchos besos!

  23. sorry! muchos besos= lot of kisses!

  24. When you told your friends and parents that you are the new singer in a heavy metal band, what was their reaction?

    1) you are total crazy
    2) YAY
    3) OMG ;)

  25. Hey annette!
    u r awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!
    now some randomness from me :)
    1. what did u think when the drunk person jumped onto the stage at graspop?
    2. What do u actually here onstage when you perform?
    3. Also if you know, how come emmpu got rid of that guitar with a harem girl?
    keep rockin :)

  26. Hi Anette :)

    Did you always used the belting techinue with singing until some of the more head voice-y songs in Nightwish or did you start out singing differently and develop into a belting style?

    Did you always want to do a job involving singing and what kind of jobs did you look into before joining bands?

    If you could invite any five people at all, alive or dead, to go to your house for a dinner party, who would you choose and why?

    Thanks for all your inspiration xx
    Best wishes from England!

  27. Firstly I would say that you are a great singer, I like most of his album with Nightwish and I hope you singing in many other albums of the band. Having said that, I have some questions that I appreciate do you reply.

    1 - What do you most like when came to Brazil? What you do not like?

    2 - You do some concerts and of course make many travel by plane. Are you afraid to travel by plane? If you have, as you overcome?

    3 - Have you ever thought about act in a movie?

    4 - You get many gift of fans, and obviously not all fit in your home. What do you do with them? You have a place to store them?

    5 - I already read comments in some forums that say you have no voice to sing metal (this is not my opinion, I love their voice). What do you respond to these people?

    The Brasil love you Anette. Thank you and sorry for my bad english.

  28. Hi again,
    I just have thought about if there is any gig together with PAIN planned, maybe at any festival?

    Thanks so much for answering our questions.

  29. when you started singing, did u ever though of becoming so important and big in this genre? i really think that your job is amazing.

  30. Hello Anette :)

    1. What did you think of Oklahoma City and the reaction of the crowd? I was in the crowd and I loved the performance :)

    2. You've mentioned that you liked vampire novels, have you read anything by Lynsay Sands?

    3. Have you gotten the chance to listen to Metallica at all? I know that you said you liked Slipknot and In Flames.

    4. A friend of mine will only agree to get married if her boyfriend proposes in front of Nightwish, what do you think of that?

  31. Good evening Anette. Did you participate in the 1st April joke? Who did it? You sitting on the camel, Nuclear Blast's Choir...:-D Who did this great joke?

  32. Hi Anette! My questions are:

    1. What did You remember from Poland gig?

    2. With who from the band You have the best relationship?

    3. Which Nightwish (old) song You would like to sing live?

    4 Did You saw my portraits of You I've posted yesterday? And did You like it? ;)

    Hugs and kisses!

  33. Hello, Anette!
    I only have one question which is linked to something you said in one of your blog entries today. You told us there will soon be some merchandise on your website; how did you take the decision to start keeping merch in here, and will there be Nightwish-themed products or just "Anette Olzon brand" things?
    Thanks for this second round of questions and take care of yourself!

  34. 1) Did improve your vocal skills during the NW tour in anyway? It sounds like yes, even though your voice had been already great. And have you got any plans about working on it, for example during the break before new album recording?
    2) Has Tuomas already discussed new songs and your vocals on it with you? I know the songs are secret, I'm just interested in the fact.))

    Thank you again for answering our questions! Love you! :-*

  35. Anette!!
    I have one question! =)
    How do you feel with various fans of the world making a coments in his blog??


  36. Hey Anette, I hope I'm still in the time limit to ask you something :)

    When you're on tour, do you enjoy spending the spare time you have altogether or do you (I mean ALL of you :)) usually like to stay on your own when you're not playing or traveling? :)
    What do you like (and, if there's something negative about them, what don't you like :)) of each one of your bandmates? :)

    What country did you like more while on tour? :)

    Thanks! :)

  37. hi Anette ! sorry if i make mistakes, i'm french :)

    1)if you had the time to, What kind of music would you like to sing (in a band or in a solo career) ? Would it sound metal, pop, jazz or something ?

    2) isn't it too hard to be far from your family and friends during tours ? do you manage to see them sometimes during tours ?

    3) I had so much fun when you asked us in paris to sing "frère jacques" :D , do you know other french songs ?

    hugs =)


  38. Hi Anette!

    Can I ask about what brand was your dress and your shoes that you wore in Debrecen, Hungary?

    Thank you very much if you answer it!

  39. Hey Anette ! I hope that you will find some time to answer on my questions

    1.If you are not a singer , what would you do?
    2.Which NW song do you love the best and which one do you love to preform live?
    3.I saw that you love to read about Vampires.
    Have you watched "True Blood"?

    Hugs & Thanks Again.

  40. Hi, Anette!

    Me and all your fans from Curitiba - Brazil, would like to know if you still keep any gifts from the brazilian audience, especially the flag that we threw on the stage for you!

    I love you, Anette. You are my favorite singer! I also love your style! =D
    Muaks =*

  41. Hi Anette! That little "twist" you do on GLS "the same moonlight waters" did you come up with that idea or was it Tuomas? I think I´ve got a clue, you tried that one on rehersals and Tuomas found it genius AND SO DO I!!!!

  42. Hey Anette! I just have one question. :)
    --What would be your top 5 favorite Disney movies?

    Thanks and have a lovely dayy!

  43. Hi Anette, I asked you this weeks ago, I guess it was one of those questions that remained buried because of the tons of questions you received =P Here it goes...

    I was wondering if there is any kind of Sweden tradition you like to follow. Like eating an specific food in a specific day, an historic holiday, whatever etc.

    That's it!
    Hope you're better ^^

  44. Well, Anette, I highly doubt you'll answer this (hahaha) but my friends have been nagging me to death ever since they heard about this blog to ask you this question.
    (They were insistant after the show at Pop's in Sauget Illinois when you were touring the US this year to ask Tuomas when he came out, but I said it'd be stupid and he'd never answer it!)

    -What would you do if there was a Zombie invasion?
    (I'm sorry for this! They made me!)

    And as for a serious question...hmm...

    -Does it bother you or the guys too much when pictures are taken at indoor gigs with flash?

    I ask this, because at the one I went to I accidently had the flash turned on, and I was afraid I blinded you =(

  45. I have a question too!=D
    -Are other NW members(Tuomas,Marco,Emppu,Jukka)your best friends?

    -thank you-:)
    *Sorrow Princess*

  46. Hello Anette!

    Ok 3 quick questions.
    1. Whats youre favriote movie of all time.
    2. Whats youre favriote album of all time.
    3. And whats youre favriote food.

    You have a very good blogg Anette.

  47. Hi there :)
    Oh question time! nice ^^
    Well, 1)what kind of involvment except singing you will have or you want to have on the next nightwish album?
    2) What famous people you would like to talk with?
    Thanks for taking time for us :)
    Take care <3

  48. God kväll, Anette!

    You once wrote or said, I don't remember it right, that you have a personal coach not only for singing but for pneumatic things too. He/she helps to bear the fame that came with Nightwish and things like that, I guess.

    Was there any serious problem related to this when you began singing in the band? I mean besides the fact that you replaced a so called icon, was it hard to face the negative criticism or you just didn't care about it, and you were concentrating on the fans who like you? Did this coach help you in this?

    However you did it, I'm really proud of you for being always such a lovely and direct person as you are despite the so many harsh words from stupid people ;-)

  49. I'm sorry. i've missed the question time again, just got 20 minutes late.
    If it's okay this is my question: Anette, i was wondering all the time i know you..you dye your hair so often, you were black, brown, gold, white and some tones of that. How do you hair feel itself after all of this? i thought after these bleaching or colouring hair start falling down and become weak or something?Or maybe you know something to keep it healthy?
    Thank you,
    P.S. sorry again for the late question time.

  50. Oh! I hope I didn't miss-out on this again! :(

    Here are my questions:

    1) What was your favorite part of the tour?
    2) I saw you at the Allentown, PA show...was it difficult performing on such a small stage?

    3) Is there an old Nightwish song you haven't sung yet that you'd love to?
    4) Is there any female vocalists from some of the other metal bands that you'd like to do a duet with? (Personally, I think you and Sharon from Within Temptation would sound really nice together ;))

  51. Hi Anette =)
    Greetings from Brazil =)

    This question has already been made to Tuomas:
    What do you do when nobody is watching you?

    Thanks for your blog ;)
    I love you, as a person and as a singer =D

    Kisses and sorry my bad english XD

  52. Oh I missed this round of questions ...I'll ask you something next time he he.


  53. Did you like the Brazil ? *-*
    Would you want to back here?

    we love you, pus pus ;*

  54. What a shame, I missed this too.
    I slept too much today =( haha

    Greetings from a fan from Brazil.
    Take care.